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23rd International Conference on Plasma Surface Interactions in Controlled Fusion Devices (PSI), Princeton, NJ, USA, 17-22 June 2018

Post mortem analysis shows that mid and high atomic number metallic impurities are present in deposits on JET plasma facing components with the highest amount of Ni and W, and therefore the largest sink, being found at the top of the inner divertor. Sources are defined as “continuous” or “specific”, in that “continuous” sources…

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46th European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics (EPS), Milan, 8-12 July 2019

In high-performance, ITER baseline-scenario pulses (3MA/2.7T) in JET-ILW with high levels (~ 32 MW) of heating power, typically ~ 20-40% of the input power is radiated, predominantly by W impurities, which are sputtered from the divertor targets and reach the confined plasma. Sustained ELMy H-mode operation at such high heating power in JET-ILW req…

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