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Functional materials’ properties are influenced by microstructures which can be changed during manufacturing. Experimental characterisation is often time consuming and expensive. A technique is presented which digitises graphite foam via X-ray tomography and converts it into image-based models to determine properties in silico. By simulating a la…

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The extreme environments found within the nuclear sector impose large safety factors on modelling analyses to ensure components operate in their desired manner. Improving analysis accuracy has clear value of increasing the design space that could lead to greater efficiency and reliability. Novel materials for new reactor designs often exhibit non-…

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The thermal performance of a carbon fibre composite-copper monoblock, a sub-component of a fusionreactor divertor, was investigated by finite element analysis. High-accuracy simulations were createdusing an emerging technique, image-based finite element modelling, which converts X-ray tomogra-phy data into micro-structurally faithful models, captur…

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