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The high-frequency noise measured by magnetic sensors, at levels above the typical frequency of resistive wall modes, is analyzed across a range of present tokamak devices including DIII-D, JET, MAST, ASDEX Upgrade, JT-60U, and NSTX. A high-pass filter enables identification of the noise component with Gaussian-like statistics that shares certain c…

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The linear and quasi-linear plasma response to the n = 3 and n = 4 (n is the toroidal mode number) resonant magnetic perturbation (RMP) fields, produced by the in-vessel edge localized mode control coils, is numerically studied for an ITER 15MA H-mode baseline Scenario. Both single fluid and fluid-kinetic hybrid models are used. The inclusion of dr…

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The three dimensional plasma boundary displacements induced by applied nonaxisymmetric magnetic perturbations have been measured in ASDEX Upgrade, DIII-D, JET, MAST and NSTX. The displacements arising from applied resonant magnetic perturbations (RMPs) are measured up to ±5% of the minor radius in present day machines. Good agreement can be found …


Active control of the resistive wall mode RWM for DIII-D [Luxon and Davis, Fusion Technol. 8 , 441 (1985)] plasmas is studied using the MARS-F code [Y. Q. Liu, and et al. , Phys. Plasmas 7 , 3681 (2000)]. Control optimization shows that the mode can be stabilized up to the ideal wall beta limit, using the internal control coils I-coils and poloidal…