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Ion cyclotron resonance heating (ICRH) is one of the three additional heating schemes to be deployed on ITER. Its two antenna arrays, installed on the outboard midplane, will deliver 20 MW of RF power in the 40-55 MHz frequency range. The plasma-facing component of …

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The published version of this paper is currently under embargo and will be available on 18/05/2023

The high-frequency noise measured by magnetic sensors, at levels above the typical frequency of resistive wall modes, is analyzed across a range of present tokamak devices including DIII-D, JET, MAST, ASDEX Upgrade, JT-60U, and NSTX. A high-pass filter enables identification of the noise component with Gaussian-like statistics that shares certain c…

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The linear and quasi-linear plasma response to the n = 3 and n = 4 (n is the toroidal mode number) resonant magnetic perturbation (RMP) fields, produced by the in-vessel edge localized mode control coils, is numerically studied for an ITER 15MA H-mode baseline Scenario. Both single fluid and fluid-kinetic hybrid models are used. The inclusion of dr…

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The three dimensional plasma boundary displacements induced by applied nonaxisymmetric magnetic perturbations have been measured in ASDEX Upgrade, DIII-D, JET, MAST and NSTX. The displacements arising from applied resonant magnetic perturbations (RMPs) are measured up to ±5% of the minor radius in present day machines. Good agreement can be found …


Active control of the resistive wall mode RWM for DIII-D [Luxon and Davis, Fusion Technol. 8 , 441 (1985)] plasmas is studied using the MARS-F code [Y. Q. Liu, and et al. , Phys. Plasmas 7 , 3681 (2000)]. Control optimization shows that the mode can be stabilized up to the ideal wall beta limit, using the internal control coils I-coils and poloidal…