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The interaction of Alfvén Eigenmodes (AEs) and energetic particles will determine the success of future tokamaks. In JET, eight in-vessel antennas were installed to actively probe stable AEs with frequencies ranging 25 – 250 kHz and toroidal mode numbers |n| < 20. During the 2019-2020 deuterium  campaign, almost 7500 resonances and …


Dedicated experiments to generate high-energy D ions and D-3He fusion-born alpha particles have been performed at the Joint European Torus (JET) with the ITER-like wall (ILW). Deuterium ions from neutral beam injection (NBI) with acceleration voltage of 100 keV were accelerated to higher energies in the core of mixed D-3He…


The recently proposed set of zeroth-order moment equations to model poloidal density asymmetries induced by temperature anisotropies in rotating tokamak plasmas (R. Bilato et al., Nuclear Fusion 54 (2014) 072003) is here extended to account for the effects of the localization of the ion cyclotron (IC) resonance on the poloidal inhomogeneity of the …

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Ion cyclotron resonance frequency (ICRF) heating has been an essential component in the development of high power H-mode scenarios in JET-ILW. The steps that were taken for the successful use of ICRF heating in terms of enhancing the power capabilities and optimizing the heating performance in view of core impurity mitigation in these experiments w…

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Heating single ion species plasmas with ICRF is a challenging task: Fundamental ion cyclotron heating (w = w ci ) suffers from the adverse polarization of the RF electric fields near the majority cyclotron resonance while second harmonic heating (w = 2w ci ) typically requires pre-heating of the plasma ions to become efficient. Recently, w = 2w ci …

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The constructive interference effect described by Fuchs et al. [1] shows that the mode conversion and thereby the overall heating efficiency can be enhanced significantly when an integer number of fast wave wavelengths can be folded in between the high field side fast wave cutoff and the ion-ion hybrid layer(s) at which the ion Bernstein or ion cyc…