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The results of small-scale mechanical tests are convoluted by the so-called size effect, whereby materials appear stronger when the scale of the test is reduced to the order of microns or less. The dimensional range over which this occurs has been shown to be linked to a change in sample microstructure, such as the addition of defects induced by ir…


Small Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS) is performed to analyse the microstructural state of reference CuCrZr material with carefully controlled heat treatments, small-scale manufacturing mock-ups of assemblies and high-heat-flux exposed mock-ups. The information derived from the SANS data corresponds well to existing literature data based on microsc…

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We analyse spherical nanoindentation of single crystal copper using two different indenter tips of radii 7.4 and 27 um. The surface deformation surrounding the indents was measured using atomic force microscopy and the elastic rotation fields under the indents were measured using electron diffraction and transmission techniques. Using the measured …

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Precipitation-hardened Cu-Cr-Zr will be used in heat-sink components in the Iter tokomak. After irradiation it will not be possible to test the mechanical properties of Cu-Cr-Zr using conventional, large-scale, techniques and methods requiring reduced sample sizes will have to be used. Spherical nano-indentation is one such method. In this work, Cu…

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A data analysis method for the spherical indenter geometry has been produced that capitalises on recent hardware developments of instrumented indenters, specifically the high data capture rate. The data analysis is based on a multi-cycle load test regime and the main refinement is the fitting of the data along the unload curve to a Hertzian contact…


The microstructure and thermal stability of V-4Cr-4Ti-1.8Y-0.4Ti3SiC2 alloy, fabricated by 60 hr mechanical milling of blended powders followed by spark plasma sintering (SPS) and hot isostatic pressing, has been investigated. Analysis was undertaken using orientation image maps obtained from the electron backscattering and transmission Kikuchi dif…

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Recent studies dedicated to the characterisation of in-vessel dust in JET with the new ITER-like wall (ILW) show that dust levels are orders of magnitude lower compared with the latter stages of the carbon-wall (CW) period and are decreasing with operational time. Less than 1 g of dust was recovered in a recent inspection, compared with more than 2…

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