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The radial propagation of type-I ELMs in ASDEX Upgrade has been measured using a number of techniques. The most reliable technique uses a filament probe to measure the time difference between two separated probes and yields a mean radial velocity obtained of ~1.5 kms -1 . The radial velocity calculated using a time of flight technique suffers from …


Sawtooth behavior has been investigated in plasmas heated with off-axis neutral beam injection in ASDEX Upgrade [A. Herrmann and O. Gruber, Fusion Sci. Technol. 44 , 569 (2003)] and the Mega-Ampere Spherical Tokamak MAST [A. Sykes and et al. , Nucl. Fusion 41 , 1423 (2001)]. Provided that the fast ions are well confined, the sawtooth period is foun…


Edge-localized modes (ELMs) are repetitive instabilities that occur in the outer region of tokamak plasmas. This Letter provides new information on and the implications of the evolution of the filament structures observed during ELMs in the MAST tokamak. The filaments exist for the time over which particles are being released into the scrape off la…