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Experiments on the Alcator C-Mod and JET tokamaks with identical values of nondimensional variables at the pedestal top are expected to have the same local plasma transport for a ratio > 4 in absolute size and thus can help to clarify other effects in pedestal formation. At the high and low fields (7.9 T, 1.4 T respectively) involved, natural-densi…


A set of external coils (A-coils) capable of producing nonaxisymmetric, predominantly n =1, fields with different toroidal phase and a range of poloidal mode m spectra has been used to determine the threshold amplitude for mode locking over a range of plasma parameters in Alcator C-Mod [I. H. Hutchinson, R. Boivin, F. Bombarda, P. Bonoli, S. Fairfa…


For steady state high-confinement-mode (H-mode) operation, a relaxation mechanism is required to limit build-up of the edge gradient and impurity content. Alcator C-Mod [Hutchinson et al., Phys. Plasmas 1, 1511 (1994)] sees two such mechanisms—EDA (enhanced D-alpha H mode) and grassy ELMs (edge localized modes) , but not large type I ELMs. In EDA…