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Tungsten is one the primary candidate materials for the high neutron flux, high temperature components of a future demonstrate fusion reactor. Despite this, there is a lack of data on W under fusion relevant neutron doses and irradiation temperatures. Transmutation reactions result in the production of Re and Os solute atoms, at a rate which is …


Combining spatially resolved X-ray Laue diffraction with atomic-scale simulations, we observe how ion-irradiated tungsten undergoes a series of non-linear structural transformations with increasing irradiation exposure. Nanoscale defect-induced deformations accumulating above 0.02 displacements per atom (dpa) lead to highly fluctuating strains at ~…

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We present a morphological analysis of atom probe data of nanoscale microstructural features, using methods developed by the astrophysics community to describe the shape of superclusters of galaxies. We describe second-phase regions using Minkowski functionals, representing the regions’ volume, surface area, mean curvature and Euler characteristi…

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The effects of radiation damage on materials are strongly dependant on temperature, making it arguably the most significant parameter of concern in nuclear engineering. Owing to the challenges and expense of irradiating and testing materials, material property data is often limited to few irradiation conditions and material variants. A new techniqu…

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There are many sources of random and systematic error in composition quantification by atom probe, however, often only statistical error is reported. Identification of ions and overlaps or interferences of peaks in the mass spectrum are one major source of uncertainty much larger than counting error. These overlaps can be solved using maximum likel…

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Experiments designed for generating internal transport barriers in the plasmas of the Joint European Torus [JET, P. H. Rebut et al. , Proceedings of the 10th International Conference, Plasma Physics and Controlled Nuclear Fusion, London ~ International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, (1985), Vol. I, p. 11 ] reveal cascades of Alfven perturbations wit…