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Rotating collectors and quartz microbalances (QMBs) are used in JET to provide time-dependent measurements of erosion and deposition. Rotation of collector discs behind apertures allows recording of the long term evolution of deposition. QMBs measure mass change via the frequency deviations of vibrating quartz crystals. These diagnostics are used t…

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Rotating collectors are used in JET to provide time-resolved measurements of erosion and redeposition of vessel materials. The silicon collecting disks rotate behind an aperture, driven by pulsing of the toroidal magnetic field, with the deposits analysed ex-situ by Nuclear Reaction Analysis. The angular dependence of deposition is mapped to discha…

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The impact of edge localized modes (ELMs) carrying energies of up to 450 kJ on carbon erosion in the JET inner divertor is assessed by means of time resolved measurements using an in situ quartz microbalance diagnostic. The inner target erosion is strongly nonlinearly dependent on the ELM energy: a single 400 kJ ELM produces the same carbon erosion…