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When spin polarised electrons flow through a magnetic texture a transfer torque is generated. We examine the effect of this torque on skyrmions and skyrmion bags, skyrmio…

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Carcinogenic risks of internal exposures to alpha-emitters (except radon) are relatively poorly understood. Since exposure may occur in environmental, malicious, accidental and occupational settings, understanding consequent risks is a priority for radiation protection. An occupational study in nuclear workers addresses this need as detailed histor…

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The design of a divertor target for DEMO remains one of the most challenging engineering tasks to be overcome on the path to fusion power. Under the European DEMO programme, a promising concept known as Thermal Break has been developed at CCFE. This concept is a variation of the ITER tungsten divertor in which the pure Copper interlayer between Cop…

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The paper is a tribute to Nicol Peacock and has a focus on interests and developments at Culham Laboratory from ~ 1970 when Nicol led the UKAEA spectroscopy team. The paper charts a little of the evolution of these models and their data through the seventies and eighties on into this century at Culham. The paper concludes with the state of efforts …