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A novel high-performance computing algorithm, developed in response to the next generation of computational challenges associated with burning plasma regimes in ITER-scale tokamak devices, has been tested and is described herein. LOCUST-GPU 2 The Lorentz-Orbit Code for Use in Stellarators and Tokamaks (LOCUST) is designed for computationally scal…


The efficient confinement of fast ions is crucial to the development of a fusion power plant. Sawtooth crashes are a manifestation of an internal kink instability, which can severely degrade this confinement. The effect of these on a fast ion population can be investigated using fast-ion deuterium-alpha (FIDA) spectroscopy, where charge exchange…

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Velocity-space tomography provides a way of diagnosing fast ions in a fusion plasma by combining measurements from multiple instruments. We use a toroidally viewing and a vertically viewing fast-ion D-alpha (FIDA) diagnostic installed on the spherical tokamak MAST (before the upgrade) to perform velocity-space tomography of the fast-ion distributio…

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