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A theoretical model for isotopologues of beryllium monohydride, BeH, BeD and BeT, A 2 Π to X 2 Σ + visible and X 2 Σ + to X 2 Σ + infrared rovibronic spectra. The MARVEL procedure is used to compute empirical rovibronic energy levels for BeH, BeD and BeT, using experimental transition data for the X 2 Σ + , A 2 Π, and C 2 Σ + states. The ene…

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The JET flywheel generator converters have operated since 1983 and for over 85,000 pulses. Problems with this plant are discussed, including corrosion, unbalanced flow and arcing within the liquid resistors; starting difficulties on both machines; and failure of the plug-braking transformers at energisiation. In 2012/13 two sets of thrust bearing p…

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Recent JET-ILW [1,2] experiments reiterated the importance of tuning the plasma fuelling in order to optimize ion cyclotron resonance frequency (ICRF) heating in high power H-mode discharges. By fuelling the plasma from gas injection modules (GIMs) located in the midplane and on the top of the machine instead of adopting the more standardly used di…

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‘Trace Tritium Experiments’ (TTE) were successfully performed on JET in 2003. The Campaign marked the first use of tritium in JET plasmas since the Deuterium- Tritium Experiment (DTE1) Campaign in 1997, and was the first use of tritium in experiments under the EFDA organisation with the UKAEA as JET Operator. The safety and regulatory preparati…