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Alfvén eigenmode (AE) instabilities driven by alpha-particles have been observed in D-3He fusion experiments on the Joint European Torus (JET) with the ITER-like wall (ILW). For the efficient generation of fusion alpha-particles from D-3He fusion reaction, the 3‑ion radio frequency (RF) scenario was used t…

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Gamma diagnostics is considered to be primary for the confined alpha-particles and runaway electrons measurements on ITER. The gamma spectrometer will be embedded into a neutron dump of the ITER Neutral Particle Analyzer diagnostic complex. It will supplement NPA measurements on the fuel isotope ratio and confined alphas/fast ions. In this paper an…


Gamma-ray spectrometry provides diagnostics of fast ion behavior in plasmas of large tokamaks. Information acquiring with the gamma-ray diagnostics gives possibility to identify and distinguish simultaneously presence of fast alpha-particles and other ions (H, D, T, 3 He), to obtain its relative densities and also to perform tomographic radial prof…