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Released in 2009, the Serpent Monte Carlo code has established itself as a highly efficient and powerful simulation code for nuclear systems analysis. Originally developed for reactor physics applications, the scope of the code now extends to coupled multi-physics simulations and radiation transport. The latter has allowed adoption of the code by t…


As a demonstration fusion power plant, EU DEMO has to prove the maturity of fusion technology and its viability for electricity production. The central requirements for DEMO rest on its capability to generate significant net electric power to the grid (300MW to 500 MW) safely and consistentl…


Shutdown dose rate calculations provide an essential input to the design and research of fusion power plant technology. They allow the estimation of dose to personnel and equipment during planned and unplanned maintenance. The mesh coupled rigorous 2 step (MCR2S) methodology used at Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE) was originally developed to…

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