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Within a tokamak fusion energy device, the performance and lifespan of a divertor monoblock under high heat flux cycles is of particular interest. Key to this is the quality of manufacture, especially the material joining interfaces. Presented here is a comparative study between X-ray and neutron tomography to investigate the quality of manufacture…

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The radial propagation of type-I ELMs in ASDEX Upgrade has been measured using a number of techniques. The most reliable technique uses a filament probe to measure the time difference between two separated probes and yields a mean radial velocity obtained of ~1.5 kms -1 . The radial velocity calculated using a time of flight technique suffers from …


The statistical properties of the dissipation process constrain the analysis of large scale numerical simulations of three-dimensional incompressible magnetohydrodynamic ( MHD ) turbulence, such as those of Biskamp and Müller [ Phys. Plasmas 7 , 4889 ( 2000 )] . The structure functions of the turbulent flow are expected to display statistical self…