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Ray-tracing techniques are applied to bolometry, a diagnostic particularly sensitive to machine geometry due to the effect of volume sampling. Sightlines from the ASDEX-Upgrade bolometer foils were ray-traced with a path tracing algorithm, where the optical path is represented by a statistical bundle of ray paths connecting the foil surface with th…

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It has been previously demonstrated in (Li et al 2016 Nuclear Fusion 56 126007) that the optimum upper/lower coil phase shift ΔΦopt for alignment of RMP coils for ELM mitigation depends sensitively on q95, and other equilibrium plasma parameters. Therefore, ΔΦopt is expected to vary widely during the current ramp …

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The effects of poloidal asymmetries and heated minority species are shown to be necessary to accurately describe heavy impurity transport in present experiments in JET and ASDEX Upgrade. Plasma rotation, or any small background electrostatic field in the plasma, such as that generated by anisotropic external heating can generate strong poloidal den…

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The ability to predict the stability of fast-particle-driven Alfvén eigenmodes in burning fusion plasmas requires a detailed understanding of the dissipative mechanisms that damp these modes. In order to address this question, the linear gyro-kinetic, electromagnetic code L IGKA [1] is employed to investigate their behaviour in realistic tokamak g…