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The effect of ion irradiation on evolution of microstructure and hardening of beryllium with different impurity levels was investigated using TEM and nanoindentation. High purity S-65 nuclear beryllium grade and lower-pure S-200-F structural beryllium grade were implanted by helium ions at temperatures of 50ºC and 200ºC. 11 different energies wer…


Thermal diffusivity measurements of samples transmitting thermal radiation require adjustments to the data treatment procedures in laser flash analysis. Conventionally, an unconstrained diathermic model is used. Current results show that the alternative coupled radiative-conductive models produce substantially different results — for instance,…

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The laser flash method is highly regarded due to its applicability to a wide temperature range, from cryogenic temperatures to the melting point of refractory metals, and to extreme environments involving radioactive or hazardous materials. Although instruments implementing this method are mostly produced on a commercial basis by major manufactu…

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Tungsten, a plasma-facing material for future fusion reactors, may be exposed to air during abnormal operation or accidents. Only limited information is available on the evolution of related oxide phases. This work addresses the effect of substrate orientation on structural variations of tungsten oxides. Annealing experiments in an argon-oxygen atm…

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