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Ion cyclotron emission (ICE) driven by perpendicular neutral beam-injected (NBI) deuterons, together with the distinctive ICE driven by tangential NBI, have been observed from heliotron-stellarator plasmas in the Large Helical Device (LHD). Radio frequency radiation in the lower hybrid range has also been observed, with frequency dependent on plasm…


Observations have recently been made of ion cyclotron emission (ICE) that originates from the core plasma in the DIII-D [1, 2] and ASDEX-Upgrade [3, 4] tokamaks. The ICE spectral peaks correspond to the local cyclotron harmonic frequencies of fusion-born ions close to the magnetic axis, in contrast to the hitherto usual spatial localisation of …

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Ion cyclotron emission (ICE) is detected from all large toroidal magnetically conned fusion (MCF) plasmas. It is a form of spontaneous suprathermal radiation, whose spectral peak frequencies correspond to sequential cyclotron harmonics of energetic ion species, evaluated at the emission location. We first present an account of the worldwide exper…

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Measurements are reported of electromagnetic emission close to the cyclotron frequency of energetic ions in JET plasmas heated by waves in the ion cylotron range of frequencies (ICRF). Hydrogen was the majority ion species in all of these plasmas. The measurements were obtained using a sub-harmonic arc detection (SHAD) system in the transmission li…

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