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A steady-state tokamak reactor (SSTR) requires a high efficiency current drive system, from plug to driven mega-amps. RF systems working in the ion-cyclotron range of frequencies (ICRF) have high efficiency from plug to antenna but a limited current drive (CD) efficiency and centrally peaked CD profiles. The latter feature is not adequate for a SST…


ITER and future superconducting fusion machines need efficient wall conditioning techniques for routine operation in between shots in the presence oi permanent high magnetic field for wall cleaning, surface isotope exchange and to control the in-vessel long term tritium retention. Ion Cyclotron Wall Conditioning (ICWC) based on the ICRF discharge i…


Edge-localized modes (ELMs) are repetitive instabilities that occur in the outer region of tokamak plasmas. This Letter provides new information on and the implications of the evolution of the filament structures observed during ELMs in the MAST tokamak. The filaments exist for the time over which particles are being released into the scrape off la…