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For the first time, a digital Mirror Langmuir probe (MLP) has successfully sampled plasma temperature, ion saturation current, and floating potential together on a single probe tip in real time in a radio-frequency driven helicon linear plasma device. This is accomplished by feedback control of the bias sweep to ensure a good fit to I-V charact…


High bandwidth, high spatial resolution measurements of electron temperature, density and plasma potential are valuable for resolving turbulence in the boundary plasma of tokamaks. While conventional Langmuir probes can provide such measurements either their temporal or spatial resolution is limited: the former by the sweep rate necessary for obtai…

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Experiments on the Alcator C-Mod and JET tokamaks with identical values of nondimensional variables at the pedestal top are expected to have the same local plasma transport for a ratio > 4 in absolute size and thus can help to clarify other effects in pedestal formation. At the high and low fields (7.9 T, 1.4 T respectively) involved, natural-densi…


The nature of intermittency, long observed in magnetic fusion devices, was revisited lately [G. Antar et al. , Phys. Rev. Lett. 87 , 065001 (2001)]. It was shown that intermittency is caused by large-scale events with high radial velocity reaching about 1/10th of the sound speed. These type of structures were named ‘‘avaloids.’’ In the pres…