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The DEMO blanket attachment concept is challenging due to several factors: the harsh radiation environment, the thermal expansion, the electro-magnetic loads, the remote maintenance feasibility, and the accurate control of the alignment of the breeding blanket first wall during operation. There are two inboard and three outboard blanket segments pe…

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Inventory calculations have a key role to play in designing future fusion power plants because, for a given irradiation field and material, they can predict the time evolution in chemical composition, activation, decay heat, gamma-dose, gas production, and even damage (dpa) dose. For conceptual designs of the European DEMO fusion reactor such calcu…

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The European DEMO power reactor is currently under conceptual design within the EUROfusion Consortium. One of the most critical activities is the engineering of the plasma-facing components (PFCs) covering the plasma chamber wall, which must operate reliably in an extreme environment of neutron irradiation and surface heat and particle flux, while …

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This paper describes the methodology that has been developed and applied to derive the principal geom-etry of the main DEMO tokamak systems, in particular the radial and vertical cross section based on the systems code output parameters, while exact parameters are described elsewhere [1]. This procedure reviews the analysis of the radial and vertic…


In Europe the work on the specification and design of a Demonstration Power Plant (DEMO) is being carried out by EFDA in the Power Plant Physics and Technology (PPP&T) programme. DEMO will take fusion from experimental research into showing the potential for commercial power generation. During the fusion reaction, components in the tokamak become h…