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Lower hybrid current drive (LHCD) with modest powers ( 10% of the total power input) has been used for the first time to completely stabilize performance limiting neoclassical tearing modes in many COMPASS-D tokamak discharges. The stabilizing effect in these experiments is consistent with a reduction in the free energy available in the current pro…


Results from MAST provide a first test of neoclassical tearing mode physics in the spherical tokamak (ST). The mode accounts for the main performance limit in conventional tokamaks. Its behavior in the ST is remarkably well described by existing theoretical models, although it is more readily seeded by sawtooth events in these scenarios. Modeling c…


Electron cyclotron (EC) waves can perform a variety of roles in ITER including start-up assist, heating to ignition, on and off-axis current drive and instability control. EC wave absorption is robust and well understood producing highly localised heating with total absorption anticipated for almost all parameters foreseen in ITER. Other advantages…