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Alfven Eigenmodes were studied in low magnetic shear flexible heliac TJ-II (B0=0.95 T, =1.5 m, =0.22 m) NBI heated plasmas (PNBI <1.1 MW, ENBI=32 keV) by Heavy Ion Beam Probe (HIBP) [1, 2, 3]. The L-mode hydrogen plasma was investigated at various magnetic configurations with rotational transform t(a)/2

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This workshop on transport in fusion plasmas is the thirteenth in a series. Previously they have been held under the auspices of the EU and US Transport Task Forces (TTFs), with J Connor as the EU TTF chair. However, the EU Transport Task Force has now been subsumed into the EFDA (European Fusion Development Agreement) Topical Group for Transport (…


Radial profiles of the parallel-radial Reynolds stress component, proportional to the cross correlation between parallel and radial fluctuating velocities, have been measured in the plasma boundary region of the TJ-II stellarator. Experimental results show the existence of significant parallel turbulent forces at plasma densities above the threshol…


A multi-probe system has been developed to investigate the importance of electron temperature fluctuations turbulent transport in the Joint European Torus boundary plasma. The compact five-pin triple probe has been designed to reduce the phase delay of fluctuations due to the finite pin separation in the standard triple probe technique, while still…


The dynamical coupling between turbulent transport and parallel flows has been investigated in the plasma boundary region of the Joint European Torus tokamak. Experimental results show that there is a dynamical relationship between transport and parallel flows. As the size of transport events increases, parallel flows also increase. These results s…