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The JET exploitation plan foresees D-T operations in 2020 (DTE2). With respect to the first D-T campaign in 1997 (DTE1), when JET was equipped with a carbon wall, the experiments will be conducted in presence of a beryllium-tungsten ITER-like wall (ILW) and will benefit from an extended and improved set of diagnostics and higher additional heating …

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Fast ion synergistic effects were studied by predictive modelling of JET best performing pulses for various levels of Neutral Beam (NB) and Radio Frequency (RF) power. Calculated DD neutron yields were analysed with the intention of separating the impact of sheer synergistic effects due to changes in fast ion (FI) distribution function (DF) from su…

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New experiments in 2013-2014 have investigated the physics responsible for the decrease in H-mode pedestal confinement observed in the initial phase of JET-ILW operation (2012 Experimental Campaigns). The effects of plasma triangularity, global beta and neutrals on pedestal confinement and stability have been investigated systematically. The stabil…

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Recent infra-red measurements of divertor power loads on JET and AUG [1], revealed that the inter-ELM power width at the outer mid-plane in attached ELMy H-modes does not exhibit any noticeable scaling with machine size [1]. Making use of these results to calculate the effective radial heat diffusivity, and then including this in parametrized expre…