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Anisotropy and some limiting toroidal flow effects on the stability of non resonant ideal magnetohydrodynamic modes in hybrid shaped tokamak plasmas are investigated within the ideal MHD infernal mode framework. Such effects are found to alter the plasma magnetic well/hill, which can be interpreted as imparing the average curvature, and the stre…

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Sheared toroidal rotation is found to increase the ideal external kink stability limit, thought to be the ultimate performance limit in fusion tokamaks. However, at rotation speeds approaching a significant fraction of the Alfv´en speed, the toroidal rotation shear drives a Kelvin-Helmholtzlike global plasma instability. Optimising the rotation pr…


The sensitivity of the stability of the ideal n = 1 internal kink mode to variations in the plasma profiles is analysed both analytically and numerically in rotating tokamak plasmas. These stability analyses have been carried out including the centrifugal effects of toroidal plasma rotation upon the equilibrium, and also inconsistently when the equ…


Analytical theory and two different magnetohydrodynamical stability codes are used in a study of the effects of toroidal plasma rotation on the stability of the ideal, internal kink mode in tokamaks. The focus of the paper is on the role that the centrifugal effects on the plasma equilibrium play for the stability of this mode, and results from one…