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This work presents an extension of exfernal mode theory where the effects of edge magnetic shear and plasma separatrix are investigated., from which a set of three coupled differential equations describing the dispersion relation are derived. To correctly assess the effect of edge shear on exfernal modes, higher order corrections need to be retaine…


In this work the mechanisms that can lead to disruptive MHD instabilities in the termination phase of plasma pulses on JET are investigated. It is shown that the broadening or the shrinking of the current density profile, as a consequence of a core hollowing or a edge cooling of the electron temperature profile, can lead to the destabilization o…

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Anisotropy and some limiting toroidal flow effects on the stability of non resonant ideal magnetohydrodynamic modes in hybrid shaped tokamak plasmas are investigated within the ideal MHD infernal mode framework. Such effects are found to alter the plasma magnetic well/hill, which can be interpreted as imparing the average curvature, and the stre…

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In tokamak operation the control of dangerous MHD instabilities, possibly in r-t scenarios, must rely on prompt robust diagnostics of the state and stability of the system. The set of magnetic signals measured on the outside of the plasma boundary, based on the Zakharov-Shafranov, Shkarowsky, Wootton (ZSSW) current moments has been always used f…

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