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The SOLPS-ITER simulations of European DEMO reactor, with 450 MW of power to be exhausted, show an increased operational space compared to the conventional single-null configuration. Using a reduced model with fluid neutrals and bundled impurities, we assessed the existence and the boundaries of operational space for DEMO with the conventional sing…

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This paper explores the application of the parareal algorithm to simulations of ELMs in ITER plasma. The primary focus of this research is identifying the parameters that lead to optimum performance. Since the plasma dynamics vary extremely fast during an ELM cycle, a straightforward application of the algorithm is not possible and a modification t…

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We show that a central characteristic of Super-X divertors, parallel area expansion fR (de ned as the ratio of the elementary area normal to the magnetic field at the target to that at the X-point, also known as total flux expansion), significantly changes the characteristics of the target plasma for fixed upstream conditions. To isolate the effect…

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A 1D code modelling SOL transport parallel to the magnetic field (SOLF1D) is benchmarked with 2D simulations of MAST-U SOL performed via the SOLPS code for two different collisionalities. Based on this comparison, SOLF1D is then used to model the effects of divertor leg stretching in 1D, in support of the planned Super-X divertor on MAST. The aim i…


As part of preparations for the new Super-X divertor (SXD) on MAST, the influence of long divertor leg is modelled by SOL transport codes. The SOLPS5.0 package is used to study the effect of the expanded divertor in two dimensions and a comparison between the conventional geometry (standard short divertor) and the SXD geometry is presented. We focu…


The impact of resonance magnetic perturbations (RMP) on the structure of the edge transport barrier has been studied. A new model for the density pump-out mechanism during the stochastization of the plasma edge is proposed. The observed phenomena are explained as a result of the impact of the ambipolar electric field, which is modified during RMP, …