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Beryllium is being adopted for plasma facing walls in fusion reactors. This has led to the observation of emissions from the A 2Π state of beryllium hydride. Use of these emissions to monitor Be erosion requires electron impact excitation rates. Cross sections for electron-impact vibrational excitation within the X 2Σ + state and vibrationally…

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A theoretical model for isotopologues of beryllium monohydride, BeH, BeD and BeT, A 2 Π to X 2 Σ + visible and X 2 Σ + to X 2 Σ + infrared rovibronic spectra. The MARVEL procedure is used to compute empirical rovibronic energy levels for BeH, BeD and BeT, using experimental transition data for the X 2 Σ + , A 2 Π, and C 2 Σ + states. The ene…

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