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Using the PION ICRH modelling code on JET tokamak pulses, the effect of including pitch angle dependence within the RF diffusion operator is investigated. This is found to be of greatest importance to the particle distribution function in cases of higher harmonic heating and lower heating ion mass, resulting in faster drop-off of the distribution 


The JET exploitation plan foresees D-T operations in 2020 (DTE2). With respect to the first D-T campaign in 1997 (DTE1), when JET was equipped with a carbon wall, the experiments will be conducted in presence of a beryllium-tungsten ITER-like wall (ILW) and will benefit from an extended and improved set of diagnostics and higher additional heating …

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During the 2015-2016 JET campaigns many efforts have been devoted to the exploration of high-performance plasma scenarios envisaged for DT operation in JET. In this paper we review various key recent hybrid discharges and model the combined ICRF+NBI heating. These deuterium discharges with deuterium beams had the ICRF antenna frequency tuned to mat…

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