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The detection of fast particle-driven waves in the ion cyclotron frequency range (ion cyclotron emission or ICE) could provide a passive, non-invasive diagnostic of confined and escaping fast particles (fusion a-particles and beam ions) in ITER, and would be compatible with the high radiation environment of deuterium–tritium plasmas in that devic…

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Tokamaks exhibit several types of relaxation oscillations such as sawteeth, fishbones and Edge Localized Modes (ELMs) under appropriate conditions. Several authors have introduced model nonlinear dynamic systems with a small number of degrees of freedom which can illustrate the generic characteristics of such oscillations. In these models, one focu…


It can be shown that whistler waves with low parallel phase velocity can be subject to strong cyclotron damping, even when the wave frequency is well below the cyclotron frequency. This resonance arises as a result of the Doppler effect which is proportional to the plasma density and increases the frequency experienced by electrons moving in the op…


The inclusion of the variation of the equilibrium magnetic field across the Larmor orbits of the resonant particles is crucial for a self-consistent treatment of cyclotron resonance in plasmas. Two contrasting nonrelativistic self-consistent calculations [T. M. Antonsen and W. M. Manheimer, Phys. Fluids 21,2295 (1978); C. N. Lashmore-Davies and R. …