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The Safety and Environmental Work Package (WPSAE) has the scope to progress the safety studies for the future EU DEMO reactor, in the frame of the Eurofusion programme. A Generic Site Safety Report (GSSR) has been designed to include all the steps necessary to cover the safety issues of the nuclear fusion plant, from the definition of principles an…


This paper details progress in experimental characterisation work at JET for the long-term irradiation station conducted as part of a project to perform activation experiments using ITER materials. The aim is to take advantage of the significant 14 MeV neutron yield expected during JET operations to irradiate samples of materials that will be used …

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The Ion Cyclotron Heating and Current Drive (ICH&CD) system will reside in ITER equatorial port plugs 13 and 15. Shutdown dose rates (SDDR) within the port interspace are required to be less than 100 Sv/h at 106 s cooling. A significant contribution to the SDDR results from neutrons streaming down gaps around the port frame, and the mitigation of …

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