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A novel high-performance computing algorithm, developed in response to the next generation of computational challenges associated with burning plasma regimes in ITER-scale tokamak devices, has been tested and is described herein. LOCUST-GPU 2 The Lorentz-Orbit Code for Use in Stellarators and Tokamaks (LOCUST) is designed for computationally s…


PROCESS is a reactor systems code – it assesses the engineering and economic viability of a hypothetical fusion power station using simple models of all parts of a reactor system, from the basic plasma physics to the generation of electricity. It has has been used for many years, but details of its operation have not been previously published. Th…


Recent infra-red measurements of divertor power loads on JET and AUG [1], revealed that the inter-ELM power width at the outer mid-plane in attached ELMy H-modes does not exhibit any noticeable scaling with machine size [1]. Making use of these results to calculate the effective radial heat diffusivity, and then including this in parametrized expre…


Conceptions of the aims and characteristics of DEMOs are evolving in response to world issues. Many areas are important in these considerations: two particularly important, and technically related, ones are examined here. Firstly, in the recent Strategic Energy Technology plan (SET plan) in the EU, approaches to technological development that could…


ABSTRACT. The European Power Plant Conceptual Study (PPCS) reported in the summer of 2004. Several conceptual designs (“Models”) for commercial fusion power plants were developed, spanning a range from relatively near term to more substantial extrapolations. The parameters of the Models were chosen by systems analysis to be economically optimal…


It is shown that electron-positron pair production is expected to occur in post-disruption plasmas in large tokamaks, including JET and JT-60U, where up to about 10 14 positrons may be created in collisions between multi-MeV runaway electrons and thermal particles. If the loop voltage is large enough, they are accelerated and form a beam of long-li…