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Hydrogen isotopes are retained in materials for fusion power applications, changing both hydrogen embrittlement and tritium inventory as the microstructure undergoes irradiation damage. But modelling of the highly damaged regime – over 0.1 displacements per atom (dpa) – where asymptotic saturation is observed, is difficult because a highly dama…


Combining spatially resolved X-ray Laue diffraction with atomic-scale simulations, we observe how ion-irradiated tungsten undergoes a series of non-linear structural transformations with increasing irradiation exposure. Nanoscale defect-induced deformations accumulating above 0.02 displacements per atom (dpa) lead to highly fluctuating strains at ~…

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We present a morphological analysis of atom probe data of nanoscale microstructural features, using methods developed by the astrophysics community to describe the shape of superclusters of galaxies. We describe second-phase regions using Minkowski functionals, representing the regions’ volume, surface area, mean curvature and Euler characteristi…

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The low energy structures of irradiation-induced defects have been studied in detail, as these determine the available modes by which a defect can diffuse or relax. As a result, there are many studies concerning the relative energies of possible defect structures, and empirical potentials are commonly fitted to or evaluated with respect to these en…

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We describe the development of a new object kinetic Monte Carlo code where the elementary defect objects are off-lattice atomistic configurations. Atomic-level transitions are used to transform and translate objects, to split objects and to merge them together. This gradually constructs a database of atomic configurations- a set of relevant defect …

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