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In this work the mechanisms that can lead to disruptive MHD instabilities in the termination phase of plasma pulses on JET are investigated. It is shown that the broadening or the shrinking of the current density profile, as a consequence of a core hollowing or a edge cooling of the electron temperature profile, can lead to the destabilization o…

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The published version of this paper is currently under embargo and will be available on 12/03/2022

NBI-heated L-mode plasmas have been obtained in JET with the Be/W ITER-like wall (JET-ILW) in H and D, with matched profiles of the dimensionless plasma parameters in the plasma core confinement region and same Ti/Te and Zeff. The achieved isotope identity indicates that the confinement scale invariance principle is satisfied in the core confine…

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This paper outlines an approach towards improved rigour in tokamak turbulence transport model validation within integrated modelling. Gaussian process regression (GPR) techniques were applied for profile fitting during the preparation of integrated modelling simulations. This allows for rigourous sensitivity tests of prescribed initial and bound…

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