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This article reports the first observation of the high-field side high density (HFSHD) in the limiter devices. In the J-TEXT high density discharges, the high-density front at the HFS scrape-off layer (SOL) region edge has been clearly identified by the far-infrared laser polarimeter-interferometer. The HFSHD forms at the HFS SOL, and then expan…

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Prediction of material performance in fusion reactor environments relies on computational modelling, and will continue to do so until the first generation of fusion power plants come on line and allow long-term behaviour to be observed. In the meantime, the modelling is supported by experiments that attempt to replicate some aspects of the eventua…

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Present inspection techniques in place at the Joint European Torus (JET), as well as some of those planned for ITER make use of robotically deployed inspection systems, which typically collect data for offline analysis. This can be a slow, laborious process with subjective or error-prone results. There are significant benefits to be gained through …

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The published version of this paper is currently under embargo and will be available on 07/06/2022

The HL-2A tokamak has a very closed divertor geometry, and a new infrared camera has been installed for high resolution studies of edge-localized mode (ELM) heat load onto the outer divertor targets. The characteristics of power deposition patterns on the lower outer divertor target plates during ELMs are systematically analyzed with the infrared t…


Internal flow behaviour during melt-pool-based metal manufacturing remains unclear and hinders progression to process optimisation. In this contribution, we present direct time-resolved imaging of melt pool flow dynamics from a high-energy synchrotron radiation experiment. We track internal flow streams during arc welding of steel and measure insta…

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Application of lower hybrid (LH) current drive in tokamak plasmas can induce both co- and countercurrent directed changes in toroidal rotation, depending on the core q profile. For discharges with q0 < 1, rotation increments in the countercurrent direction are observed. If the LH-driven current is sufficient to suppress sawteeth and increase q0 abo…


A new operational scenario of advanced tokamak formation was demonstrated in the JT-60U tokamak. This was accomplished by electron cyclotron and lower hybrid waves, neutral beam injection, and the loop voltage supplied by the vertical field and shaping coils. The Ohmic heating (OH) solenoid was not used but a small inboard coil (part of the shaping…