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The Integrated tokamak modelling taskforce was set up to provide the European scientific community with simulation tools for preparing and analysing discharges of fusion experiments. We will report on recent progress made on the taskforce project on equilibrium and linear stability. A generic data structure has been devised to describe the geometry…


This paper presents an overview of the state of the art of core transport studies in JET. It covers in various sections the topics of heat transport, particle and impurity transport, momentum transport, internal transport barrier physics and integrated core and edge modeling. For each topic, a brief summary of older results obtained under the JET J…


The first electron temperature modulation experiments in plasmas characterized by strong and longlasting electron and ion internal transport barriers (ITB) have been performed in JET using ion cyclotron resonance heating in mode conversion scheme. The ITB is shown to be a well localized narrow layer with low heat diffusivity, characterized by subcr…