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Similarity experiments are conceived to study on existing tokamak facilities, characteristics of scenarios found on other devices or planned for new machines. The possibility of doing similarity experiments is linked to the physics processes studied and it gives in any case partial views which can be found in integrated way only on the planned d…


An equivalent model of JET polarimeter is presented, which overcomes the drawbacks of previous versions of the fitting procedures used to provide calibrated results. First of all the signal processing electronics has been simulated, to confirm that it is still working within the original specifications. Then the effective optical path of both the v…


We first describe the improved receiving system of the diagnostic experiment of millimeter-wave collective Thomson scattering being run on the Frascati Tokamak Upgrade FTU, and then discuss some peculiar problems and new operating procedures related to the investigation of strong anomalous spectra of nonthermal origin, many-orders-of-magnitude stro…


The general requirements for a plasma facing mirror (PFM) of a Thomson scattering system (TS) for a burning plasma experiment are (i) high and approximately constant reflectivity in the wavelength spectral range 400–800 nm; (ii) low sputtering yield and low erosion; (iii) high power damage threshold; (iv) good thermo-mechanical properties to pres…