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Small Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS) is performed to analyse the microstructural state of reference CuCrZr material with carefully controlled heat treatments, small-scale manufacturing mock-ups of assemblies and high-heat-flux exposed mock-ups. The information derived from the SANS data corresponds well to existing literature data based on microsc…

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The divertor target plates are the most exposed in-vessel components to high heat flux loads in a fusion reactor due to a combination of plasma bombardment, radiation and nuclear heating. Reliable exhaust systems of such a huge thermal power required a robust and durable divertor target with a sufficiently large heat removal capability and lifetime…

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The atmosphere in powder-based additive manufacturing influences the level of impurities inside the build volume as well as the phases formed during cooldown. We use a thermodynamic model to investigate trends for steels commonly considered for fusion reactors and power plants, namely 316L, F91, F92 and Eurofer97. The atmospheres considered are …


High-temperature superconducting materials are being considered to generate the magnetic fields required for the confinement of plasma in fusion reactors. The present study aims to assess the microstructural degradation resulting from ion implantation at room temperature under two implantation conditions: 0.6 MeV Xe2+ to a fluence of …


A comprehensive, standardised approach to high heat flux testing of materials is proposed, which allows for standardised data capture and comparison of measurements across global testing sites and setups. A meta-analysis of data for tungsten, with data re-captured in that format, highlights interesting trends with respect to appropriate damage metr…

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