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Tokamaks exhibit several types of relaxation oscillations such as sawteeth, fishbones and Edge Localized Modes (ELMs) under appropriate conditions. Several authors have introduced model nonlinear dynamic systems with a small number of degrees of freedom which can illustrate the generic characteristics of such oscillations. In these models, one focu…


Both neoclassical theory and certain turbulence theories of particle transport in tokamaks predict the existence of bootstrap (i.e., pressure-driven) currents. Two new applications of this form of noninductive current are considered in this work. In the first, an earlier model of the nonlinearly saturated m= 1 tearing mode is extended to include th…


This Brief Communication investigates the influence of toroidal effects (due to the coupling of various poloidal harmonics) on the nonlinear saturation of the m = 1 island. Bounds are obtained relating the aspect ratio, the shear at the q= 1 surface, and the saturated island width. Provided these bounds are satisfied, it is then found that the cyli…


The purpose of this paper is to investigate the possible relationships between transport properties such as thermal diffusivity and resistivity on the one hand, and the magnetic properties such as q profile and toroidal flux change on the other, in tokamaks that exist under macroscopically quasistationary conditions. It is experimentally well estab…