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Detachment, an important mechanism for reducing target heat deposition, is achieved through reductions in power, particle and momentum; which are induced through plasma-atom and plasma-molecule interactions. Experimental research in how those reactions precisely contribute to detachment is limited. Both plasma-atom as well as plasma-molecule intera…

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Although the ultimate goal of most current fusion research is to build an economically attractive power plant, the present status of physics and technology does not provide the performance necessary to achieve this goal. Therefore, in order to model how such plants may operate and what their output might be, extrapolations must be made from existin…

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This paper describes the methodology that has been developed and applied to derive the principal geom-etry of the main DEMO tokamak systems, in particular the radial and vertical cross section based on the systems code output parameters, while exact parameters are described elsewhere [1]. This procedure reviews the analysis of the radial and vertic…