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The fusion performance of ELMy H-mode DT plasmas with q95 = 3 and \\beta_N = 1.8 (also referred to as medium-\\beta_N baseline scenario in the rest of this paper) are predicted with the JINTRAC suite of codes and the QuaLiKiZ transport model. The predictions are based on the analysis of DT plasmas from the first DT campaign on JET in 1997 (DTE1…


In this work the mechanisms that can lead to disruptive MHD instabilities in the termination phase of plasma pulses on JET are investigated. It is shown that the broadening or the shrinking of the current density profile, as a consequence of a core hollowing or a edge cooling of the electron temperature profile, can lead to the destabilization o…

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The initial current ramp phase of JET hybrid plasmas is used to optimise the target q-profile for main heating to allow access to high beta and avoid MHD instabilities. Mixed protium-deuterium experiments, carried out at JET since the installation of the beryllium-tungsten wall, have shown that the q-profile evolution during this Ohmic phase varies…

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The replacement of the JET carbon wall (C-wall) by a Be/W ITER-like wall (ILW) has affected the plasma energy confinement. To investigate this, experiments have been performed with both the C-wall and ILW to vary the heating power over a wide range for plasmas with different shapes. It was found that the power degradation of thermal energy confinem…

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