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A non-perturbative magnetohydrodynamic-kinetic hybrid formulation is developed and implemented into the MARS-K code [Liu et al., Phys. Plasmas 15, 112503 (2008)] that takes into account the anisotropy and asymmetry [Graves et al., Nature Commun. 3, 624 (2012)] of the equilibrium distribution of energetic particles (EPs) in particle pitch angle spac…


The kinetic effect of trapped energetic particles (EPs), arising from perpendicular neutral beam injection, on the stable low-n peeling modes in tokamak plasmas is investigated, through numerical solution of the mode’s dispersion relation derived from an energy principle. A resistive-wall peeling mode with m/n = 6/1, with m and n being the poloid…


A theoretical model for investigating the effect of the trapped energetic particles EPs on the resistive wall mode RWM instability is proposed. The results demonstrate that the trapped EPs have a dramatic stabilizing effect on the RWM because of resonant interaction between the mode and the magnetic precession drift motion of the trapped EPs. The r…