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The effects of nonresonating hot ions on the spectrum of magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) waves and instabilities in tokamaks are studied in the limit when the width of the hot ion drift orbits is much larger than the radial scale length of the MHD perturbations. Due to the large magnetic drift velocities the hot ions cannot contribute to the MHD perturb…


A new computational tool, edge localized instabilities in tokamaks equilibria (ELITE), has been developed to help our understanding of short wavelength instabilities close to the edge of tokamak plasmas. Such instabilities may be responsible for the edge localized modes observed in high confinement H-mode regimes, which are a serious concern for ne…


A region of zero current density in the plasma center has been observed in the advanced tokamak scenarios with off-axis lower-hybrid current drive in the JET and JT-60U tokamak experiments. Significantly, the central current density does not become negative, although this is expected based on conventional current diffusion. In this paper, it is sho…


The islands from tearing modes driven unstable and sustained by the helically perturbed neoclassical bootstrap current often provide the practical limit to long-pulse, high confinement tokamak operation. The destabilization of such ‘‘metastable’’ plasmas depends on a ‘‘seed’’ island exceeding a threshold. A database from similar reg…