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Remarkable progress has been made in diagnosing energetic particle instabilities on present-day machines and in establishing a theoretical framework for describing them. This overview describes the much improved diagnostics of Alfven instabilities and modelling tools developed world-wide, and discusses progress in interpreting the observed phenomen…


Reversed shear Alfvén eigenmodes RSAE that were observed in the Joint European Torus (JET) [P. H. Rebut and B. E. Keen, Fusion Technol. 11 , 13 (1987)] and DIII-D [J. L. Luxon, Nucl. Fusion 42 , 614 (2002)] are studied with the ideal magnetohydrodynamic code NOVA-K C. [Z. Cheng, Phys. Rep. 211 , 1 (1992)]. It was found that the frequency behavior …


Plasma configurations with shear reversal are prone to the excitation of unusual Alfven eigenmodes by energetic particles. These modes exhibit a quasiperiodic pattern of predominantly upward frequency sweeping ( Alfven cascades ) as the safety factor q changes in time. This work presents a theory that employs two complementary mechanisms for establ…


Experiments designed for generating internal transport barriers in the plasmas of the Joint European Torus [JET, P. H. Rebut et al. , Proceedings of the 10th International Conference, Plasma Physics and Controlled Nuclear Fusion, London ~ International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, (1985), Vol. I, p. 11 ] reveal cascades of Alfven perturbations wit…


Alfvén spectra in a reversed-shear tokamak plasma with a population of energetic ions exhibit a quasiperiodic pattern of primarily upward frequency sweeping (Alfvén cascade). Presented here is an explanation for such asymmetric sweeping behavior which involves finding a new energetic particle mode localized around the point of zero magnetic shear…