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The heating neutral beam injectors (HNBs) of ITER are designed to deliver 16.7MWof 1 MeVD0 or 0.87 MeVH0 to the ITER plasma for up to 3600 s. They will be the most powerful neutral beam (NB) injectors ever, delivering higher energy NBs to the plasma in a tokamak for longer than any previous systems have done. The design of the HNBs is based on the …


The development of the Single Aperture. Single Gap 1 MV accelerator (SINGAP) is being carried out on the 1 MV test bed at the DRFC, CEA Cadarache, France. This paper reports on the latest performance achieved with the prototype, "ITER-like" accelerator, 730 keV, 120 A/m 2 D", and of on-going measurements of the beam "halo" fraction, »10%. It revie…


The Kamaboko III negative ion source, which was designed and built by JAERI, Naka, Japan, is a model 25% in linear dimensions of the reference design ion source for the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor ITER neutral beam injectors. The ion source is a magnetic multi-pole, arc discharge, source with 12 tungsten filaments. Cesium is ad…