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The poloidal harmonics of the toroidal normal modes of an unstable axisymmetric tokamak plasma are employed as basis functions for the minimisation of the 3D energy functional. This approach presents a natural extension of the perturbative method considered in [M.S. Anastopoulos Tzanis et al, Nuclear Fusion 59:126028, 2019]. This variational formul…

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Spectrum unfolding is a key tool used together with diagnostics in the determination of nuclear fields that are associated with a range of nuclear technologies spanning fusion, fission, nuclear medicine and accelerator domains. The underlying process requires a mathematical method for solving the Fredholm integral equation of the first kind. Thi…

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The published version of this paper is currently under embargo and will be available on 19/10/2022

We discuss the development, testing and comparison of a combined framework of methods for per-forming neutron spectrum unfolding, which includes the UF_G and UF_M codes, based on the un-derlying mathematics of the GRAVEL and MAXED methods respectively, along with a custom pa-rameterised code, UF_P. We compared the behaviour of each method using a s…


A linear perturbation theory is used to model the MHD stability of tokamak equilibria under the application of external 3D magnetic perturbations [C.C. Hegna, Physics of Plasmas 21 :072502, 2014]. The symmetry breaking produces the coupling of toroidal n modes. We use ELITE [H.R. Wilson et al., Physics of Plasmas 9 :1277, 2002] to produ…

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ELM simulations for the MAST-U Super-X tokamak have been obtained, using the JOREK code. The JOREK visco-resistive MHD model has been used to obtain comparisons of divertor configurations. The simulations show a factor 10 decrease in the peak heat flux to the outer target of the Super-X in comparison to a conventional divertor configuration. A roll…

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