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This paper is part of a series of publications concerning the development of the European DEMO during the pre- conceptual design phase (2014-2020). In particular, it deals with the physics basis employed for the definition of the various DEMO baselines released, an…


The impact of the three-dimensional (3D) tokamak geometry from external magnetic perturbations (MPs) on the local edge stability has been examined in high confinement mode (H-mode) plasmas with edge localised modes (ELMs) in ASDEX Upgrade. The 3D geometry has been probed using rigidly rotating MP fields. The measured distortions of the plasma bound…

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Although the ultimate goal of most current fusion research is to build an economically attractive power plant, the present status of physics and technology does not provide the performance necessary to achieve this goal. Therefore, in order to model how such plants may operate and what their output might be, extrapolations must be made from existin…

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The aim of driving a sufficient amount of plasma current with an appropriate radial current density profile is considered as one of the key challenges for a tokamak fusion power plant in steady state operation. Furthermore, efficient heating to enable transition to regime of enhanced confinement and to achieve breakeven plasma temperatures as well …


High confinement [with H 1 , ITERH- 98 y, 2 ] at b N 2.3 has been found in ASDEX Upgrade discharges with existing m, n 3, 2 neoclassical tearing modes (NTMs). The reason for the high confinement at high b N values is a transition of the NTMs into the so-called frequently interrupted regime. In this regime, the NTM growth is frequently interrupted b…