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A study of mixed hydrogen-deuterium H-mode plasmas has been carried out in JET-ILW to strengthen the physics basis for extrapolations to JET D-T operation and to support the development of strategies for isotope ratio control in future experiments. Variations of input power, gas fuelling and isotopic mixture were performed in H-mode plasmas of the…

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The JET outboard divertor targets are the in-vessel components which receive the largest heat flux density. Surface delamination, radial cracks, and tie rod failures have been observed in the outboard tungsten-coated CFC tiles, while bulk tungsten special lamellas were intentionally melted in dedicated experiments. These different types of damag…


The dynamics and stability of divertor detachment in N2 seeded, type-I, ELMy H-mode plasmas with dominant NBI heating in the JET-ILW device is studied by means of an integrated analysis of diagnostic data from several systems, classifying data relative to the ELM times. It is thereby possible to study the response of the detachment evolution to the…

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Recent improvements in software tools and methodology have allowed us to perform a more comprehensive in-vessel calibration for all mid-infrared camera systems at JET. A comparison of experimental methods to calculate the non-uniformity correction is described as well as the linearity for the different camera systems. Measurements of the temperatur…

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The ITER-like wall (ILW) at JET is a unique opportunity to study the combination of material (beryllium and tungsten) that will be used for the plasma facing components (PFC) in ITER. Both the limiters (Be) and divertor (CFC W coated and bulk W) have been designed to maximise their power handling capability. During the last experimental campaign (O…


This paper reports the impact on confinement and power load of the high-shape 2.5MA ELMy H-mode scenario at JET of a change from an all carbon plasma facing components to an all metal wall. In preparation to this change, systematic studies of power load reduction and impact on confinement as a result of fuelling in combination with nitrogen seeding…


For the new ITER-like wall at JET, two new infrared diagnostics (KL9B, KL3B) have been installed. These diagnostics can operate between 3.5 and 5 µ m and up to sampling frequencies of ~ 20 kHz. KL9B and KL3B image the horizontal and vertical tiles of the divertor. The divertor tiles are tungsten coated carbon fiber composite except the central til…