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Self-ion bombardment of pure tungsten with ion energies of 2 MeV is used to mimic the defects created by neutrons in a fusion reactor. Electron microscopy is used to characterize the microstructure of samples. Thermal Desorption Spectrometry (TDS) is performed on deuterium implanted samples in order to estimate deuterium inventory as function of…


Data on erosion and melting of beryllium upper limiter tiles, so-called dump plates (DP), are presented for all three campaigns in the JET tokamak with the ITER-like wall. High-resolution images of the upper wall of JET show clear signs of flash melting on the ridge of the roof-shaped tiles. The melt layers move in the poloidal direction from the i…


A new facility to study the interaction of hydrogen isotopes with nuclear fusion relevant first wall materials, its retention and release, has been produced. The new facility allows implanting a range of gases into samples, including tritium. Accurate study of isotope effects, such as the isotopic exchange in damaged microstructure, has previously …

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JET components are removed periodically for surface analysis to assess material migration and fuel retention. This paper describes issues related to handling JET components and procedures for preparing samples for analysis; in particular a newly developed procedure for cutting beryllium tiles is presented. Consideration is also given to the hazards…

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