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In magnetic fusion devices, unwanted non-axisymmetric magnetic eld perturbations, known as error fields (EF), can have detrimental effects on plasma stability and confinement. To minimize their impact on plasma performances and on the available operational space, it is important to identify the EF sources and develop EF control strategies. MAST Up…

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The Mega Amp Spherical Tokamak (MAST) is the centre piece of the UK fusion research programme.In 2010, a MAST Upgrade programme was initiated with three primary objectives, to contribute to: (1)testing reactor concepts (in particular exhaust solutions via a flexible divertor allowing Super-X and otherextended leg configurations); (2) adding to the …

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A potentially important feature in a divertor design for a high-power tokamak is an extended and expanded divertor leg. The upgrade to MAST will allow a wide range of such divertor leg geometries to be produced, and hence will allow the roles of greatly increased connection length and flux expansion to be experimentally tested. This will include te…